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My name is Jeremy and I am the owner/operator of this small ball of passion.
I am a lover of bicycles and a maker of things. I have lived in Montana the majority of my life, but have bounced around learning my lessons along the way and always finding a way back to Missoula. 
I've been operating as PFmfg since 2010, and have used it to share my offerings. 

Originally started as a screenprinting/graphic design project, around 2016 I was introduced to leatherwork and transitioned to mostly a leatherwork outlet. That then snowballed into waxed canvas/machine sewing, and I've always loved the flow of machine sewing and hand stiching.
In the past couple of years I've fallen in love with ceramics and hope to share that with you soon! (practice,practice,practice)

When it comes to making, I have standards that might be too high, but I think that's a good thing. I make things to last, and always intend for my products to stick around.
I really appreciate you stopping by, and please reach out if you ever have any questions!

Hand-made 'til I die.