Thank you for visiting Pinch Flat Manufacturing. This adventure was born one cold, dark night in Missoula, Mt. December, 2010. I've brought it along on a wild and crazy trip across the country, and finally landed back where it all started. Although originally started as a screen printing & design project, it has slowly evolved over the years, and in 2014 I was gifted a box of leather scraps and a few tools. Viewing it as a new medium to play around with, I quickly realized the focus on details, and desired perfection I had learned to love so much in screen printing could be translated, and expanded upon, in leatherwork.

 Nowadays I've started to work with waxed canvas, and my trusty sewing machine, and am hell-bent on applying the same focus and attention to details that is engrained in my leatherwork! 

 I am here to offer some good, wholesome, craftsmanship that is created to be the last one you'll need. Pinch Flat specializes in hand-made leather and waxed canvas goods, graphic design, hand-pulled screen printing, & a know-how to bring an idea to life. Inspired by dying traditions, and the unattainable perfection, I enjoy making a product that has meaning and a life of its own.

My name is Jeremy Haas, and I am the operator of this small ball of passion. 

Hand-made 'til I die.

photo by: Brandon McMahon